Get Involved

“This is great, how do I get involved?

One of the easiest ways is simply to donate. You can click the PayPal button on the home page and to make a one-time donation of any amount.  Another way is to purchase Camarostrong gear.  All proceeds from the sale of merchandise goes to the Camarostrong fund.

You can also volunteer.  We have a passion for people first, but we’re car enthusiasts, too.  We participate in a number of great car shows and automotive events, so check out our updates page for updates, and Contact us and let us know what you might be available to help with.

Not everyone has the disposable income to donate and life and work often means it can be difficult finding time to volunteer as much as we would like.  Simply spreading the word is a great help as well.  Like us on Facebook and follow on Twitter and spread the word about Camarostrong and upcoming events.